…/// Second Public Life

After the net 2.0 @ Plymouth UK 2009
by Jeff Gompertz (Artificial) & Caen Botto (Universomente)

Following Chatroom shown at Observatori in Valencia, Second Public Life places the audience / viewer in a system of surveillance cameras ported to and from the online world Second Life. Through a minimal installation in SL and a on-site camera mapping system, we mess with the surveilled and the sousveilled; bake an upside-down / inside-out cake of observation and re-observation. The Second Life installation is linked to real world installation of “capsule hotel” produced in 1999 and documented in the 2009 film We Live in Public. For Plymouth, we add the “avatar” layer to the subject of multi-user video conferencing and chatroom, incorporating analogue tools of surveillance into the Second Life platform.

Viewable in Second Life at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Paw%20Paw/147/33/145/?title=capsules_beta