.../// PaNoPtYk pArAdOx
Escher meets Foucault

Immersive environment for AV performance; multimodal hyperinstrument for sound and image composing in real-time



..// Concept

Based on the analysis performed by Michel Foucault of the concept of Panopticon developed by Jeremy Bentham (18th C.), PaNoPtYk incorporates the exploration of alterations to the rules of perspective proposed by M.C. Escher in the complex visual paradoxes with which he composed new spaces that subvert the rational. PaNoPtYk also questions the representation models that still rule over digital graphic platforms, which are based on the linear perspective of the Renaissance. This is done with the creation of a new virtual space that transcends the possibilities of graphic engines. The piece is an invitation to experience a futuristic-constructivist virtual landscape, a constantly mutating technorganic micro-universe of alien machinery reacting to an evolving soundscape.

..// Description

PaNoPtYk can be presented as an immersive environment (covering 3 or 4 walls of a space) or in panoramic format (unfolded onto a single screen). This will allow the exploration of the unusual visual paradox created by the projected aberrations that result from unifying the perspectives of 4 fields of vision.

Visually, PaNoPtYk creates a continuous, virtual space of 360º. Using 4 virtual cameras, each angled at 90° to cover the 360° of the entire space, the piece offers four simultaneous points of view of the same 3D virtual scene, unified in the same final image.

The application was developed using Max/Jitter, based on an Open GL architecture for manipulation in real-time of the virtual scene using external MIDI and OSC controllers.


Performance premiered at FILE / Hypersonica, Sao Paulo 2012 (BR)
Conceptual presentation Laptoprus, Medialab Prado, 2011 (ES)

More info: download pdf