…/// Mutant Geometries Studies

Explorations in Shape, Space and Movement

Using parameters extracted from the audio data, the system, which is conceptually based on fuzzy logic, allows users to distort and control pure geometrical 3D shapes. The result is a mutating tableau of abstract imagery driven by sound reactive morphological distortions.

Visual music studies based on the muta-morph platform for real-time control of 3D visuals, developed in MAX/Jitter programming environment. It was used in several of our AV performances and as graphical engine for other installations (c0d3, Kandinski Dream, KLUDGE!).

AVLAB, Medialab Prado. Madrid, 2006.
REC, Madrid, 2006.
Electrosonic, Festival de arte y cultura electronica. Burgos, .es, 2005.
Explore. Madrid, .es, 2004.