.../// Kludge!!!

self-configured beings
product of interbreeding time, space and matter…

The interweaving of the senses lies behind this AV performance that blends sound and vision as an inseparable entity.

KLUDGE! are Pablo Guadalupe and Caen Botto. They offer a total, real-time, audiovisual experience in which live, techno music and futuristic visual landscapes are generated by a dynamic performance, using instrumental prototypes and sound controllers such as the body percussion DRUMVEST or DATAGLOVES.

KLUDGE! presents and evolving set where sound and vision materialize to fuse into a magical architecture of time and space.


..// Selekted presentations

  • Electrosonic 2009 Burgos Spain
  • Godskitchen 2008 Athens Greece
  • Godskitchen 2007 Bucarest Rumania
  • Freeform 2007 Moscow Russia
  • Godskitchen 2007 Kiev Ucraine